• EASI Hairdressing Academy

Who is EASI Hairdressing Academy?

A privately owned company, established in 2003, EASI Hairdressing Academy is a specialist training provider in the hair and barbering industry fully committed to providing the highest quality training in order to meet demanding commercial standards.

EASI deliver professional training courses for absolute beginners, developing stylists and salon managers. All courses are tailored to meet individual needs and EASI is always willing to go the extra mile.

EASI work with salons of all shapes and sizes; we train all UK Apprentices for Charles Worthington as well as working with more intimate salons that have only 1 or 2 stations. Whatever the salon size or style, whatever the learner’s past experience, we believe we can offer the right support and training.

EASI is incredibly passionate about the hairdressing industry and just as passionate about YOUR skills!

Why use EASI?

There are many reasons why we believe EASI is the number one choice for professional, industry standard training, here are a few of those reasons:

Passionate – We care about this industry as much as you do and believe in challenging stereotypes and supporting everyone in line with their individual needs.
Creative – It’s what our industry is all about – we use creative skills in both training delivery and management. We host annual creative competitions and photoshoots to ensure learners are engaged and inspired within the field.
Specialist – We believe in being masters of our field and helping you be masters of yours. We don’t offer any training that isn’t connected to Hairdressing!
Industry Quality – All our courses are delivered by technical industry specialists to ensure every course meets your salon needs.
Flexible – The conflicting demands of a busy salon mean you need training to work with you, that’s why we offer a range of delivery methods including in-salon training, weekly/fortnightly classes and evening sessions.
Responsive – Being a private and passionate training provider means we can respond to changes in the industry and your personal needs quickly and efficiently.

See what our salons and apprentices say about us by reading our testimonials.