Josie Deex, Salon Owner
We use EASI because we know the training is consistent, reliable, with quality training and my assistants get great opportunities when it comes to competition work and photo shoots, all the staff are very helpful.

Julie De’Ath, Salon Owner
I use EASI as they are dedicated and passionate about the hairdressing industry and really understand it. They not only teach students the hairdressing skills they need, but also they guide them through what to expect within the industry and how important it is to be professional and passionate in everything you do! The communication between the apprentice’s employer and them is second to none.

Tina Barrand, Salon Owner
Having been trained myself by Julie Rawson who gave me the confidence to be the person I am today. EASI believe in you as an individual. The staff are inspirational, supportive and encouraging. They bring out your strengths and develop your weaknesses in to something positive. I loved being part of the team there is nothing I didn’t love about working with EASI. You gave me and my staff at Level 2 and 3 the encouragement and determination to be creative in our work. And to teach my staff the passion of hairdressing which has gone on to them being successful stylists on the stage, catwalk demos, own their own salons and travel abroad. Your patience with them and understanding with one of my girls in particular who struggled academically gave her the encouragement to persevere and become a confident young woman able to handle staff herself. Well done to everyone who has given our “hair fairies” their wings.

Having been home-schooled I was nervous about my next step in education. I chose EASI because they made me feel comfortable from my first meeting. When I started my Level 2 Apprenticeship I was struggling with my employer, EASI couldn’t do enough to support me. They encouraged me and gave me confidence whilst making sure I considered all my options before I decided on my next step. With their guidance, I found a new employer where I have gone on to complete my Level 2 and Level 3, became Head Apprentice, Graduate Stylist and now Stylist. I joined EASI 4 years ago and have achieved so much in that time, I’ve assisted backstage on X Factor contestants, I’ve been a stylist for the catwalk models at Heart FM Essex Wedding Show, all because I was supported by people that believed in me and EASI were at the top of that list.

Parent of an Apprentice
I just wanted to express our gratitude to you for getting H through her qualification. It has been an uphill battle and at times felt like an insurmountable task but with both your personal support and the whole team at EASI she got there in the end.
During [her apprenticeship] H was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and was placed on medication and a course of counselling. It was a painful time for H and she voiced on numerous occasions her desire to quit hairdressing. You stepped in and over several meetings with H and us, you encouraged H to stay. What we realised at this point was H was very behind in her learning and it was going to require a well-executed and time managed plan to get H through the qualification.
It was a battle each week to encourage H to attend as her anxiety had really taken hold. She experienced significant mood swings and avoidance behaviours, but you and your team acknowledged and embraced her when she attended and you spent precious time providing both emotional support and encouraging her to engage. During those months your support never faltered and you empowered her to believe that she could do it. We know that on occasions H could be very difficult to manage and she avoided tasks that you had meticulously arranged for her. As parents, we could encourage her to attend each session, but it was you and your team who actually got her to engage and believe in herself enough to get her through. You went out of your way in arranging models and providing out of planned hours assessors to get H through all the assessed tasks.
We will be eternally grateful to you and all the team at EASI for the unfaltering support and guidance you provided to H. Above and beyond are the best words to describe EASI.