Who we are

The EASI Team are a bunch of passionate individuals ready to support you on your journey within the Hairdressing industry. Our privately owned business is based in the heart of Colchester, and we work closely with our partner salons across Essex, Suffolk and London. Our training is delivered to aspiring Hairdressers (L2), next level creative learning professionals (L3 and beyond), Salon Managers and those wishing to become an Assessor.

Meet the Team

The EASI Story

EASI Hairdressing Academy was set up by Julie Rawson in 2003 to raise the profile of trainee Hairdressers and get young people employed in the Hairdressing sector.

Our business is now managed by Gemma Hall and Kate Saunders who share this vision and continue to invest heavily in Learners who are passionate about a Hairdressing career.

We recruit Apprentices who have a desire to be creative, are professional and hardworking and who want to explore the range of exciting choices that being a qualified Hairdresser has to offer.

Training centre

On-site professional salon providing a true working environment for our Learners.

Partner Salons

EASI approved partner salons allow Learners to practice hairdressing in a realistic setting.

EASI Learner Support

Support is available to all Learners, no matter the stage of your learning – we may all need a helping hand (or ear!) from time to time.

Training at EASI

As the saying goes: Life imitates Art.  It’s the same at EASI. All our training is delivered in a practical salon environment – you won’t find a traditional classroom at EASI.  Instead, our Academy is filled with creative learning tools that make the science of hair come to life.

We understand that life can through the odd curve ball so, wherever possible, EASI supports Learners to navigate the way and ensure they still achieve their dreams. EASI Learner Support professionals are always ready to give support or guidance when nerves or anxiety take hold or if an extra helping hand is needed.

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