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Surrounded by hair experts at EASI, you’ll be learning on the job, and getting paid to do it!

EASI believe an Apprenticeship (City and Guilds Level 2 Diploma Hair Professional) is the best way to become a fully qualified Hairdresser – learning on the job in your salon, you will won’t be stuck in a classroom learning what’s it’s like to be a hairdresser…. you’ll be on the shop floor watching the masters at work and practicing your skills. From the perfect cup of tea to the art of customer service you will move through your Apprenticeship learning all you need to be an amazing stylist.

At EASI Hairdressing Academy all our Trainers have the qualifications and skills to teach but are very much Hairdressers at heart, still working as successful stylists, meaning you learn from people who are already doing the job – and who still love it!

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Hairdressing Apprenticeship Outline

For an overview of what is covered on the Hairdressing Apprenticeship course, please click the link below.

Level 2 Diploma in Professional Hairdressing 

Level 3 Diploma for Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals 


For further information on Apprenticeships, visit or you can read the National Apprenticeship Service’s Guide to Apprenticeships.

Common Questions & Answers

We answered some common questions below, but please get in touch if you would like more information.

How does the Apprenticeship programme work?

Rather than being in a classroom 100% of the time, as an apprentice you will be employed at a salon working alongside experienced and qualified professionals, learning from them and trying out your skills in a real life environment. You will also attend EASI training sessions where we help the ‘why’ and ‘how’ come to life so you have all the knowledge to back up your practical skills.

The EASI Hairdressing Apprenticeships requires you to be employed by a salon for 30 hours or more with an Apprenticeship salary paid by the employer, in line with government guidelines. For full details visit You will be given a contract of employment which outlines working hours and holiday entitlement, in line with the Working Time Directive, as it is a ‘proper job’.

EASI work with the salon to deliver the Hairdressing Apprenticeship through a combination of salon based learning and EASI training. All apprentices in England must receive 20% off-the-job training which supports the skills, knowledge and behaviours covered by the Apprenticeship, and reinforces practical, work-based learning with a theoretical and technical understanding. EASI training sessions either take place at our Colchester Training Centre or they may be delivered in the salon in a dedicated training area.

Once you apply (and what are you waiting for?!) EASI will invite you to an informal interview where we can find out more about each other and give you advice and support on finding employment including providing you with details of current vacancies near you. However, EASI can’t guarantee you employment – it’s up to you to get the job! 

All Apprenticeships are advertised on this website: – but in reality, how often do you see a Hairdresser at a computer? Make sure you visit salons in person, hand in your CV and make sure you make a great first impression. Remember to make sure you can travel to the salon on weekends and evenings, and ALWAYS follow up with the salon, as this shows them that you really want the job!

If you are over 16 years old, you live in England and are not in full time education, then you can apply – simple!  There is no cost to the Learner, as Apprenticeships are government funded, but if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

No need to retake those GCSEs… EASI doesn’t require you to have any specific grades to become a Hairdressing Apprentice – you just need to show that you are enthusiastic, motivated and have the passion to be a Hairdresser! This isn’t because we don’t think Maths and English are important, in fact quite the opposite, but we believe that if you care about the answer (in our opinion colouring mixing ratios is far more interesting than X+Y=Z) then we can support you to help it all make sense.

As part of your Apprenticeship training programme, if you haven’t completed your Maths and/or English GCSE’s or you received below grade 4, you will need to complete the City and Guilds Functional Skills programme alongside your Apprenticeship. These are fully funded qualifications and provide you with a qualification equivalent to a GCSE in those subjects. Depending on your actual GCSE results, you will work towards Level 1 Functional Skills, then progress on to Level 2.  

EASI discusses your grades and Functional Skills with you at the interview and fully supports you through the training and exams.

The Apprenticeships at EASI include the City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Professional Hairdressing, which replaced the NVQ Level 2 in May 2017, and the City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma for Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals.   Typically the L2 training takes around 24 months to complete, L3 usually 15-18 months, and as well as your skills being evaluated throughout your learning, the L2 programme finishes with an End Point Assessment (EPA).  This is comprised of practical and theory assessments.

During your EPA, you will run a column for the day carrying out an agreed range of professional services on 2 or 3 models. This will be observed by a City and Guilds Assessor who will also ask you questions to check your knowledge and understanding. The outcome of the EPA is either a Revisit, Pass or Distinction.

Apprentices will develop a range of skills, knowledge and behaviours as outlined in the Apprenticeship Standard.  

The L2 Diploma in Professional Hairdressing includes:

  • customer service, both face to face and over the telephone
  • client consultation
  • shampooing and treating the hair and scalp
  • cutting hair using a variety of techniques
  • colouring and lightening techniques
  • styling and finishing hair, creating a range of looks

Alongside technical skills, Apprentices will also develop professional behaviour, confident communication skills and understand how to work safely. 

Many of the areas cover how to work with clients in a professional setting and also address your approach to your studies.

The L3 Diploma for Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals, which has been designed by employers and is based on their needs, includes:

  • Creative restyles
  • Creative styling and dressing of the hair
  • Colour correction services
  • Smoothing and strengthening systems

Regardless of the qualification taken with us, a willingness to learn, a positive and patient attitude, a friendly, respectful and confident communication style, and a flexible and adaptable approach are all qualities that successful Learners possess or develop during their time training with EASI.

EASI aims to ensure every Apprentice receives the individual support they need to navigate the successful completion of their Apprenticeship as well as the ups and downs of life! 

Many of our Apprentices are school leavers, which means they are entering both the workplace and the advanced learning environment at the same time, and for most, for the first time! 

EASI understand how daunting this can be, and take care to explain the points below at interview, induction and throughout the training: 

  • the various stages of the programme and how and when you will progress, 
  • the expectations EASI Trainers and salons have regarding conduct and punctuality, 
  • details of duties and tasks that you will be involved with and 
  • how you should stay safe.  

At EASI we have a friendly and welcoming environment, where you are a valued member of our team – each Learner and member of staff is equally important to us and we work together to achieve.

Welfare and wellbeing are high on the EASI agenda and many measures are in place to ensure you enjoy your studies.

There are plenty of occasions when Learners feel overwhelmed, and not always with their training, and EASI have dedicated Learner Support professionals who monitor progress and behaviour patterns.  Any dips in motivation are quickly identified and addressed.  This approach offers Learners individual emotional support, someone to talk to and an opportunity to explore help via external channels if appropriate.  

At EASI we help you to recognise and understand that your feelings are valid, but that they are often temporary or have occurred for a reason, and we will support you in overcoming your fears, challenges or work through a situation, with your future in mind.

The Learner Support Coordinators work with the Learner (and occasionally parents/carers), the Trainer, other EASI staff, and the salon, to resolve any concerns or worries with the overall aim of ensuring Learners achieve their goals.

Additionally, as an Ofsted regulated education provider, EASI has a duty to safeguard our Learners and staff, and we give a lot of advice on staying safe, with regards to local issues, as well as promoting British Values to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

At EASI we have a number of well established partnerships with salons across Essex, Suffolk and London and we have new salons being introduced all the time.

Every EASI Apprenticeship vacancy is advertised immediately on the Apprenticeship Training website: LINK

We also keep up to date with our salons and discuss their future hiring plans, so please contact us to enquire about salons which may be recruiting in your area.

But we strongly recommend that you visit salons in person so they get to know you and your passion for Hairdressing – choose salons you can easily travel to and speak with the owner or manager to discuss whether they will take you on as an Apprentice.

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