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We have many long standing, well established partnerships with a variety of salons in Essex, Suffolk and London and pride ourselves on working with Learners and salons in an open, honest and supportive way.

As an independent training provider we work hard to support employers, recognising that employing an Apprentice is a big responsibility for everyone involved.

With the introduction of the End Point Assessment, Apprentices and the new “Super” Level 2 Apprentices should be shop floor ready at the end of the Level 2 and confident, creative and independent stylists at the end of Level 3.

Why partner with us?

We meet your needs

EASI have created a unique and distinctive training programme that works with you and your Apprentices and moulds to your individual salon needs.

EASI equip the Apprentice with more than just hairdressing skills, making sure the Learner is professional and trained in customer service making them salon ready when they qualify.

We support your salon

We support you and your staff with recruiting, training and developing your Apprentices, as well as helping you navigate the world of wages, HR, Safeguarding and Health & Safety.

New to Apprenticeships?

We are here to help!

We have lots of advice to share and resources available to support salon owners and your staff with recruiting, training and developing your Apprentices.  Some approaches are individually adapted, so please get in touch and we can discuss your situation and help you find a solution. 

Helpful External Links

Listed below are some helpful links that are available for your hair salon to hire Apprentices and prepare yourself for every stage and situation. If you would like some more advice on hiring an Apprentice and/or working in partnership with EASI, please get in touch.

Here you will find out how to hire an Apprentice and what you need to do including advice on training your Apprentice.

Comprehensive and impartial information for anyone thinking about doing an Apprenticeship, and for employers considering taking on an Apprentice.

Information about employing an Apprentice and how Apprenticeship funding works – this guide explains what an employer needs to do and the things they need to consider if they want to employ an Apprentice.

How to employ an Apprentice, what’s expected of you and what funding you can get.

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