You’ve achieved
your qualifications

Now what?


Becoming a hairdresser is hard work, but once you’ve achieved your Level 3 there are so many options available to you.

You could continue with your education through a Level 4 Salon Management qualification, distant learning to become a Trichologist or even developing your Management and Business Skills ready for becoming a salon owner.


Where else can your
hairdressing qualification take you?


You’ve got your license, now it’s time to become a true master. Running a column in a salon providing all professional hairdressing services – you will need to keep your skills up to date with regular training and CPD.


Session styling is all about preparing hair for models, celebrities and actors about to step out on the catwalk, photo shoot, film set or red-carpet event. Session styling is the ultimate in creativity and focus. It is about the highest level of imagination, skill and application.


Why not tour the world by sea as an international hair stylist on a cruise ship. You will need excellent communication skills and be able to work to demanding commission-based targets but with many rewards it might just be the career for you.

Colour Technician

Working for a colour house, a Colour Technician travels to salons across the region providing education and demonstrations to current and future clients, working in partnership with the sales team to build business.


As a Trainer/Assessor you can inspire the next generation of apprentices either within your salon or as part of a college / academy team. You will need qualifications in teaching and assessing but many colleges will provide these as part of your employment package.


The role of Salon Manager is often more complex than it might first seem; ensuring staff are motivated, customers are satisfied, the salon is safe and well maintained, the stock is managed and the books balance (and hopefully making a profit!). This suits someone who loves hairdressing but also likes to be organised and manage paperwork.


Owning your own business is a huge commitment, it takes hard work, dedication and a unique offer. You need the right premises, equipment and staff and then marketing strategies to attract customers and ensure your costs (rent, utilities, stock, wages, taxes etc) don’t outweigh your income. You could take on a salon on franchise or set up in your own right, and may even be based in a spa, care home or hospital – either way it’s an incredibly rewarding, but equally tough career path.

Hairdressing can lead
to so much more!

There are many more careers for Hairdressers too – wig-making, hair product design and sales, in the theatre, film or TV or become an editor of beauty and style guide; the qualification really can open up a whole range of possibilities.

When you have finished your training with EASI, we still offer you support with your next steps, which we have outlined in this guide.

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